Theology, Philosophy, and Pseudoscience.

In Beowulf, there are many biblical allusions throughout the poem many of the allusions come from the old testament of the Holy Bible. After reading Beowulf we also learn elements of Christian philosophy that man survives only through god, that all earthly gifts flow from God, and proper bearing of man is being humble and unselfish. We also see pagan allusions such as vengeance, glory, and fate. The poet utilizes the Christian and pagan religion to add irony, to explain the history of an ancient society and theology of Christianity.

One biblical allusion in Beowulf is how God created the…

It is not right.

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I do not hate people who are gay, homosexual, transgender, or whatever the case is. People who are a part of the LGBTQ community and movement are just like everyone else who isn’t gay. But truthfully those people are not gay ones.

The people that are gay are the ones shaming people that are gay or a part of the LGBTQ community. It is almost like racism because people are judging other individuals sexual identities and preferences. But my thing is how can another man hate another man for being gay if he never has to worry about him sleeping…

The Journey to success is often lonely.

Although Veedahustla1k is emerging as a musician there are many trials and tribulations he has overcome and still overcoming and getting through. Especially, when chasing a dream and or following your heart. People who are around you will not understand and or not meant to understand. With those people not having that understanding it can get hard when trying to stay motivated, dedicated, focused, and consistent.

Vee told me that was one of the several things he had to adjust to stay on his path as a musician. As being a creative myself I understand the journey and the struggles…

BiscottiPapi be the alter-ego.


Veedahustla1k is a songwriter, recording artist, and rapper who is slowly emerging to become a household name in the game. For those who do not know what the game is that is the rap industry. Which is not easy to do in an industry full of replicas. But Veedahustla1k is something different and he is showing that through his flow, rhyme scheme, beat selection, lyrics, and natural talent. Not only am I tuned in to Veedahustla’s music but I spoke with him about a multitude of aspects of music and his career.

The first question I asked Vee was…


Slight work.

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Medium I took a short break once again but when I’m not publishing articles I am independently publishing books and trying to shake up the literary world with amazing books that are slightly different from what we as readers and writers are not generally used to.

Aside, from publishing books, I always try to creatively expand my artistry and audience by giving them something different as opposed to something usually seen and or read. Universal Literary Arts exemplifies that and it will be a series until my writing career is over. …

Computer Thugs.

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The SEC or the Securities and Exchange Commission is an agency created by the U.S. Congress to regulate the securities market to protect investors. The primary purpose of the SEC was to require a business or company to disclose all of its earnings, capital, stocks prices, and other market-related information so that investors and shareholders wouldn’t be lead with false information and also stops firms and other markets from fraudulent activity.

The SEC was also created to make investing easier for shareholders due to the requirement they made for the securities market. In the article on page one it states…

Deeper than just a “story.”

The importance of the movie and miniseries Roots was to put an importance on slavery, the slave trade, its effects on slaves, and how racism evolved and spread throughout America. Roots also go in-depth on how horrific, demonic, and gruesome. It also shows how far we take power, control, and need for superiority.

Roots also help us understand the carried effects slavery had and still has on black people today. Even looking at slavery from the surface the white man or white men traveled to a place taking the people from their land, removing their cultures, customs, language, and replacing…

Life imitating art.

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1. This question deals with the idea of time travel in the MCU. In the introductory material for this module, we examined Enright’s model of forgiveness as a model/critical approach for looking at how the concept of time travel functions in recent science fiction films. Do you see his type of approach in the MCU? If so — where and how do you see this model of time travel and forgiveness working?

On a broader level, what do we get out of time travel IN the MCU? What does it allow the characters to do? Forgive? Move on? Revisit and…


Respectfully, women have been a phenomenal factor in my life. Not only are they pivotal they also taught me the game. It’s a difference between a bitch, a hoe, and a women.

All women understand those differences. So, I am speaking in the essence of a bitch but I’m not calling my woman a bitch. But sometimes she can be. In which she is.

But I’m okay with that because if your woman can be a bitch and still love every bit of her then it is true love. So, I guess love this bitch. Or do I? Or should…

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