The Guilty Racial Story.

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Gordan Fairfax is the owner of a library, Handon Gay is a reporter and Dr. Melville who is a doctor. Of all the three men Gay had the most interest in seeing a lynching. “I should like to see a real lynching,” said Gay rather callously (Dunbar 2). The tone of Gay was eager to see a man get lynched. Being a white man, young, and residing in the south plays a huge factor in this mindset. More than likely being racist seeing a black man get lynched is a thrill especially for whites of that era. Fairfax on the…

Everyone has a fair chance.

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A multitude of us have heard the phrase, “Life isn’t fair.” Many people believe this because of the circumstances in their life, progression of others, and the structure of life. But what many of us fail to realize is that life is unfair to everyone.

Every individual has advantages and disadvantages over other individuals no matter your status, background, skill, and or talent. For example, Just because someone is wealthy because of their families inheritance does not mean it’s unfair to those who are not. It’s just that person is at a advantage financially and…

DonOrganix CBD is launching it’s newest cannabis product Girl Scout Cookies Delta-8 THC Vape Pen. Which contains Delta-8 THC and is cannabis in a oil state. These pens are are stylish, high quality, and convenient for everyday use.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. With Delta-8 THC deriving primarily from hemp plants although it is the same as Delta-9 THC (normal THC) Delta 8 is less potent, flavorful, and a much cleaner form of THC.

Is Delta-8 THC legal?

Often times when people see the abbreviation “THC” they will automatically think it’s illegal. THC is a chemical compound found…

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, hemp, weed, among the common names, is a natural psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant which has been used throughout human history typically used for medical, recreational, and livelihood purposes. Cannabis was most likely the first plants grown and utilized by mankind. The earliest archeological finding of cannabis was found in numerous parts of Eurasia that date back to 5,000 BC.

But during these times cannabis was used for more than just smoking. During these times hemp was used to make shoes, paper, ropes, fabric, and utensils. As far as the spiritual, recreational, and medical…

Technology should enhance human performance.

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The medical industry is one of the largest industries in the world and is still immensely growing in all aspects. With the medical industry emerging so is the need for professionals, research, innovation, and technology. Although medical professionals are the primary servers of patient’s technology enhances and reinforces the care for patients in some cases more than a professional can. In addition, in some medical practice’s technology performs most of the crucial work, help aids doctors, and helps the patient keep track of every going on. …

Use your voice.

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When entering the workforce and starting your career it is often a long-complicated journey but once you get an opportunity or a job offer that’s when things begin to change. But most of the time especially entry-level jobs the salary is not much or could be better in some cases. When it comes to being compensated many factors determine that such as experience, education, job position, race, and overall performance. More importantly understanding you worth and what you are bringing is important when negotiating a salary.

What Is a Salary Negotiation?

What is a salary negotiation? A salary negotiation is a formal or written discussion…

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Morals, ethics, and values are a few of the most important principles we need to understand as individuals living amongst one another. Morals, ethics, and values are the framework and or foundation to understand who we are, how to see the world, how to view others, how to treat others and how to have a life of achievement and fulfillment.

Morals, ethics, and values are alike, but they are all slightly different and hold a different meaning. A moral is a shared ideology among a certain group of people or a community. Which means is what a certain group might…

Brief Overview.

The digital age is one of the most influential technological advancements of mankind and has created an entire world within a world. The digital age also known as the media age, computer age, and the information age started around the 1970’s with the production of the world’s first computers. With computers being the next big thing human ingenuity took a step further. The world during this time was making a monumental shift from industrialized business to information technology. Information Technology is an information system that retrieves, stores, manipulates, and transmits data. As we progressed with advancements in all aspects of…

“We got what you need!” - Don Jon

DonOrganix CBD is a premium CBD business founded by Don Jon on August 5th, 2020, in Houston, Texas. Being one of the many few black-owned Cannabis businesses in Houston. DonOrganix’s main objective is to provide the highest quality CBD products such as edibles, flower, face cream, pre-rolls, and vapes. All of which are or will have components of THC and CBD. Not only does Don Jon promote the use, and benefits of CBD but also creates that lifestyle with his brand.

What Is CBD?

CBD or scientifically known as Cannabidiol which is a Phyto-cannabinoid it is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in…

Take failure out of your mind.

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Many times before we quit something we feel like we are failing or near failure. But, that’s the wrong point of view to have when you are chasing a dream. Failure is inevitable you are always going to fail or lack somewhere. With that being understood you should look at your failures as learning lessons as opposed to a fail mission.

When you treat your failure like a lesson, or even a blessing it changes your mind to look at it as progression. Now that you’ve learned from you previous mistake you keep moving forward and find new strategies to…

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