This photo above is half of my published literary work and my light publications. Moreover, it’s my growth and everlasting youth. I have to keep expressing this because this is simply done by passion, and blessings from God.

One thing l learned about life is that you need to be…

Writing for is no job, profession, or something just to get by. Writing for me is a way of life or in simpler terms a form of expression. I felt like my opinions, voice, and perspectives were often overlooked, neglected in a plethora of ways, and often misinterpreted. Though I…

Book cover of Jah Elliot upcoming release “The Third Eye.”

This brief article will leave you to question almost everything. Honestly, it’s baffling how we are in a society where everything is backward. Yes. Backward.

You can go to jail for calling someone a faggot but people can publicly say they are going to kill someone or shoot something up…

Screenshot by the author Dedrick Conway


First and foremost, the creation of media changes the way we view, express, and understand our world on a heightened level of consciousness. The initial term of media which was coined in the 18th century simply meant mass media. Media such as paper (money), later in nineteenth-century electricity was classified…

Photo of Madden 22 by Dedrick Conway the greatest writer in the universe.


With the evolution of technology in every facet of our lives technology has innovated every aspect of our lives from our everyday lifestyles, professional careers, education, shopping, and entertainment. With the internet being accessible to anyone on merely any device the evolution of all sectors of life and business has…

Human ingenuity and innovation.

Thanks to National Cancer Institute for making this photo available freely on Unsplash.


The digital age also known as the information age is the era of the 21st which is primarily information and computerization. The technological advancements and technology of today have shifted our world from industrialization to a revolution digitally. From computers, cellphones, tablets, cameras, watches, alarms, and accessories all have become…

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Before the use of advanced technology, our form of mass communication was through traditional media which were television, radio, cold calls, billboards, and print mediums such as books, magazines, and newspapers. But as technology slowly emerged with technological advancements traditional media was integrated with technology forming multi-Media.

Multimedia is the…

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