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Throughout my young life, I can honestly say that I have been through many trials and tribulations that life brings to us that we cannot avoid, things that I brought upon myself, issues with friends, family, and spine-chilling encounters that made me look at life on a deeper perspective. One being a woman and a minority already puts me at a disadvantage in various aspects and I am prone to many consequences and I have been negatively stereotyped, subject to sexual harm, subject to violence by the police, in some educational institutions I am perceived as different or out of…

The story of nine-millimeter.

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At this point I didn’t understand my purpose anymore I was face to face with a man I have never seen until this very moment. He was terrified. I didn’t even know why I was there or why I was even involved but it was too late. It was complete silence but the silence was short-lived. It was a blur I blinked one time and he was on the ground and so was I. The man holding me throw me onto the man on the ground. …

Love yourself.

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Many people in life get swarmed by what others think about them and that is more so how you feel about yourself. Regardless people are going to talk shit about you, lie on you, hate on you, love you, help you, like you, enjoy you, hurt and so forth, and so on. If it’s not anything positive it’s dirt. It’s just dirt from those who most of the time do not even know us. But you should always know yourself and love yourself truthfully and you will not care.

Think of it this way people are always going to throw…

To become a better writer.

Before I write a Medium article I choose a topic, category, or subject matter that inspired, motivated, or simply educated me about something new or made me reflect on a particular situation. Once I chose a topic I expound on perspective(s) within it. But, before I write my articles I think about how conscious, goofy, raw, informative, gritty, or creative it should be depending on the point that I am making. In doing so the tone, style, creativity, and writing itself could all match.

Once I chose my overall message I begin the story and tell the story the way…

Thinking outside the box.

A multitude of writers on medium has been writing articles on how to create more content, expand your creativity, and how to market yourself and your writing to build an audience and to make money. Although those tips, strategies, and perspectives can work for writers I wanted to take it a step further.

Every article I write on medium is different, holds value, and is told from a unique perspective. In addition, although these works are different they all correlate in various ways. Aside from this my medium is so diversified that these stories, articles, and perspectives have the potential…

Great artist can coexist.

Time, history, and memory are all components of time which is an imperative asset to not only us, but the entire world. Time, memory, and history all coincide with one another because all these components show a progression of growth, change, and life. In addition, as we progress, we use our time, history, and memory to create our future, understand our world, and to express ourselves. Furthermore, through understanding these components not only can you better the future you can re-create the past. …

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The Street written, directed, and produced by Carl Grune is one of the strangest movies I have seen from plot to script dialogue, creativity, and narrative storytelling. The Street contains two different plots that will later intersect in the film giving the film a unique narrative approach that could be confusing until the story comes together.

But, along with this none of the characters were given names and only were referenced to. In the film the two different plots are a man who is briefly trying to get out the house and is on a treacherous street, and an old…

It’s only over until you quit.

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We are all in a continuous battle with someone or something deeper than the surface. Along with the battles within ourselves we also have to battle life which is a completely different war. In order to battle life we must first conquer the battles within ourselves. Everything starts with you. Once you are one with yourself you will be able to conquer or fight through anyone or anything.

But before you reach that point you cannot give up on yourself and the battle you are fighting. It’s easy to give on anything because all you have to do is stop…

How the story is told is everything.

Most of our interpretations and perspectives of other countries, regions, and people are greatly influenced by the media. The media has control of what is being shown, how it is being interpreted, and the medium to use for distribution. With the media having this power the media can portray any story or narrative using stories of social, economic, political, emotional relevance. In addition, depending on how much of an audience the interpretation of the story, event, or situation has an immensely affect the general view of what is being depicted.

In terms of Africa when Americans think of this continent…

Life is constantly moving.

Dedrick Conway

Author • Screenwriter • Cartoonist • Investor • Women enthusiast • College Student • GymStaar• H-Town till I drown.

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