For me motivation is within. So is my hustling mentality I was blessed with by God himself. With me being a hustler and motivated from within I come back with twice as much before. That’s the mindset and I’m not just talking about money. I’m also talking about knowledge, pace…

Every time someone attacks a culture, group, or ethnicity whether is be opinionated or comical y’all just are so hurt. That’s life I mean grown men and women cry like children. Somebody is always going to have something to say but guess we all problems or stereotypes set upon us…

Something people should always be mindful of is their progress through life. Life can both easy and hard. It’s all about your decisions and how you how you move. Meaning how you carry yourself through any and everything. Before I embarked on this writing journey all I thought about was my journey of success. But what hit me this morning was my progression through life after taking the time to read and analyze my books.

I’ve grown so much in less than a year I saw that from the changes in the books from the cover art, topics, volume, consistency, and most importantly the huge losses and small victories. Everything is falling in line better than I imagined. The work speaks for itself and so does time. I’m only getting better no matter what. Be mindful of your journey more so the purpose. It changes everything.

Youth is a beautiful phase of life. At least for me because I have the time, energy, and mind to go for it all. Meaning my body and mind can handle a lot. So why not put my youthfulness, fun, and passion into something that is long standing. …

Dedrick Conway

Author • Serial Entrepreneur • Creative Director • GymStaar• H-Town till I drown.

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