A Front-Cover All Writers Should Reference When Creating a Front-Cover For Your Book.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readMar 4, 2021

We all judge books by their front cover.

Jah Elliot’s Twisted: A Suicide Story has cover art that every author should reference when creating a front cover for your book. On the front cover of Elliot’s Twisted, there is not much but it grabs your attention in various ways without having to read the title. The first thing that caught my attention was the hands reaching down on the boy who seems to be trapped.

Although he is trapped he is also free physically to reach up but he isn’t reaching. Another thing about the hands reaching down they could also represent the demons that the boy on the cover has been fighting. In addition to that, the way the Twisted is has the S stylistically drawn also caught my attention because it looks like a link that is half full and rests empty. Which lead me to believe that whoever this book is about they were missing part of the soul.

A Suicide Story the subtitle brings more suspense to the story because the title is Twisted: A Suicide Story which creates even more meaning to the front cover and what the book is about overall. With that being stated did this person commit suicide or is it a metaphorical way of saying that somebody killed their self. Also, by putting the character on the front cover in the corner also lets us know that whoever Elliot is referencing had their back against the wall and decided to cover themselves and put their head down because all hope is lost. Elliot’s front cover colors also add to the imagery, purpose, and overall tone of the book. They say don’t judge a book by its front cover but most readers will. As a writer myself, it also inspires me to make sure everything within your book matches from the exterior to the interior.

Understanding the base of a book by its front cover is powerful and Elliot’s Twisted does just that. Whether you are a writer or reader Jah Elliot’s cover art will give you some inspiration to read, write, and open your eyes on what a great cover is.

Dedrick Conway

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