A Linguistic Shift: The Definition Pride is Changing Before Our Very Eyes.

Insightful analysis of how the media send internet shifts our language and perspectives.

Dedrick Conway
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American society has undergone immense change as well as the narrative of American society. When a society changes numerous factors affect how a society changes, the direction of society, and the language used to interpret or express the changes in society and it’s complications primarily.

However, most of the change can be seen in American society through our language. Not just the words but the symbols, colors, laws, technology, the internet, money, and people who govern our society.

A Shift In Terminology

One shift we are experiencing better yet a war we are having right now in American society is gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual classification of genders. The word mainly associated with the LGBTQ community is pride. However, pride and it’s original definition means something completely different from how pride is expressed in the media and on the internet.

If you search the word pride on your search engine you will see anything that is comprised of gender identity, sexual orientation, and news regarding sexual theories. Although pride parades have started around since the 1970’s it was primarily termed Gay Pride.

Which has now become harsh terminology for the reference of those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer.

The definition of Pride.

“Pride is the quality and state of being proud, a reasonably high self-esteem, confidence and satisfaction in oneself.”

My Perspective of Prideful

Anyone can be prideful and express pride in various ways but now pride is solely attached to a sexual or hyper-sexual connotation. Although words can have numerous meanings this is not the biblical definition of pride.

By using just one word to describe or convey a group of people who have a different sexual belief from what is traditional or historical it changes how we perceive the language along with the definition of the word that is not necessarily used correctly. Adding the word “gay” in front of pride changes the dynamic and meaning of the LGBTQ movement.

Although those people are prideful it isn’t necessarily general pride but pride specifically centered around being sexually different from tradition.

All in All

I feel as though the shift in using particular words that have been traditionally, culturally, and historically attached to a particular meaning changes our worldview, our perspective, and ultimately our beliefs that are governed by language.



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