All In One Dark Comedy Series: Money, Money, Money. Money, Monneyyy

Dedrick Conway
3 min readJun 13, 2022

The God among the commoner is currency, also known as money, funds, change, dollars, dinero, pesos, cheese, cheddar, and bread. Money is what everyone seems to need and is after, but now it has gotten out of hand. If there is no money to be made or spent, no one seems to care. Especially when you do not have any money, people will love you and don’t know you if you have money, and if you don’t have any, they don’t acknowledge you. That is how much money has taken people’s minds in these depressing times. But now that we have experienced drastic changes globally, the only savior we seem to need is money. God has been non-existence, and money has turned into Big Brother. The cash is watching us and controlling us all. The capital and the people who have money are the reason for the problem. Why? Because it seems that nothing affects them because they have the resources to maintain any personal, local, or global change. Let me write it out. It is not collective whatsoever. Let’s be honest money divides us, categorizes us, and places us in that class. That is life, but the rich are essential, and the poor means nothing. But the poor makes people rich, and the rich keep the poor well poor. Greed has taken over, and now the highest bids win. The only way to survive is if you have money. That is just what has been shown.

That is just the surface, but if you have not noticed CEO”s are bringing in billions, some have stepped down from CEO, political systems and politicians have been commuting white-collar crimes for millions, many companies have profited through schemes on clients, and black hat hacking ha has taken a toll on the globe as well. A few people are bringing in all this money to do what? All of these people in power are holding onto this money for what? If you earned it, do you. But I feel that there should be some point of concern about those who are not as fortunate at some point. But it seems that they only want more and gives less. “Get your own money!” Yes. ‘ma hustler, but everyone is not the same. I’m writing this to show that the conscious mind that I have looks at money like a tool and not an object. I should not have to break that down, but there Is a difference.

The problem with money is that language of making it and having it is misconstrued. God created money to keep structure and order. That is the foundation. The language of having cash is different is when you have the money, you bless others than yourself. We take care of…

Dedrick Conway

Dedrick C. is a serial entrepreneur, indie author, ghostwriter, and artist expressing his perspectives through evocative literary artistry. Top writer in Art!