All In One Dark Comedy Series: The Introduction

Dedrick Conway
3 min readJun 10, 2022
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The Raw Truth is the vision of a soul seeing the world through a critical lens. The spine-chilling change of the world has started to make me question the fat of humanity in terms of how we live in God's eyes. Yet and still, I feel as of this is meant to happen the way it should. It feels fucked up and divine. Every moment in life is meant for somebody to know something, express something, or show something. I mean, that’s what all of this is. This life we are living is preparation for the next one. Not saying we will be born again, but we will have another form of existence similar to this one for eternity. But the raw truth is that we are experiencing times like this because we are uncertain, living in fear, and the truth is being hidden somewhere only a few will find. What are you talking about? I’m talking about the approach humanity has to living life.

Wait, let me take a step back. “All in one.” All in one is basically a reference to everything within God’s creations. We are all in one existence. “The Raw Truth” is an expression of explaining the facets that make up the life we humans have created and teachings that we do not apply from the creator. It’s all in one and the Raw truth because time has shown this, wars have shown this, politics has shown this, and so has art. Why I am expressing this? As I stated before, we were fucked from the jump, and this literary piece’s title expounds on that tremendously. The opening of existence starts with history and reflection on the past, but we as humans have developed an ignorance to not even care only until it happens or happens to us. Along with being human, we must all understand experience is the best approach to learning and innovation for the future.

As I stated, we are still fighting the same wars plaguing America for years. Scratch that, the globe. I mean, I ask myself. “Will we ever learn? What needs to happen for us to understand?”

Empathy and love are the only processes to get started with the shift we need. It’s crazy because it’s biblical, but I’ll break down the superficial expression. It all begins with decision-making. No matter what decision you make, it affects everybody. Whether it be family, friends, and strangers. For example, the poor working class goes through so much financial distraught that it keeps them in a cycle…

Dedrick Conway

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