All In One Dark Comedy Series: The Point That Should Have Been Made First

Dedrick Conway
3 min readJun 8, 2022
Photo by Omkar Jadhav on Unsplash

The point that I should have made first is that we are in our own world and trying to be collective with everyone else on one. That causes a conflict of all sorts with trying to find common ground. With this being the case, there will always be conflict because someone will have a subjective view opposite from someone else. There is honestly no sense in war, arguments, heated discussions, and shit talk because everyone has their opinion of anything. Will we ever respect that collectively? The long answer is no. We are too stupid, ignorant, unforgiving, and have no empathy.

It has been shown and can be proven with the help of your cellphone. “Google it.” A cliche term we always hear, but it is so relevant to the conversation. Why is there so much conflict, hatred, and envy among the human race? No humanity. But let’s dumb it down for the slow readers. Nah. We are going to keep the same pace. We share the world and are given doctrines on how to live in it. God gave us instructions on navigation through existence. Almost like a manual for your new stereo system or your sibling’s bike. And we still can’t get it together. I never thought it would come to this point to say this, but we never started outright. You remember Adam and Eve just had the urge to tell and see somebody bite an apple they were not to touch. The first fuck up and the one to set it off. How? Ignorance and curiosity. They mix, but both will have you fucked up. How do I know? It’s on the internet the “real-world” is has become. People live on social media more than they do at home. That is pure stupidity, ignorance, pity, and all in one. That is just the truth. But that is one thing compared to the infinite amount of problems created through one issue.

We often pull the leaves on the rotten tree, cut the branches rarely, and never chop it down from the root. There are always plenty of leaves and branches on trees. You can always pull a few leaves and still have many more. You cut off limbs, but they grow back. And if you don’t chop down from the bottom, not the root for those who love being technical, it will fall to its death. Basically, we have never got to the source of any dilemmas in the world because we never attack the root of the problem. We don’t even get to the root of the problem with family…

Dedrick Conway

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