Artificial Intellectuals.

Dedrick Conway
1 min readMay 30
Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash

We are now controlled by something we have full control over. The irony of this phenomenon is so perplexing we don’t even realize it. For me, it’s a scary thought that one day we will be trapped by a reality or consciousness that was never real.

The power of the tongue is spiritual and filled with energy and the fact we emphasize the importance of something that was created and revolutionized for convenience has become a way of life.

Although we treat these artificial intellectuals with respect, faith, and compassion we still ask ourselves at times, “Is this real or fake.” When in reality it is. Not the result of what we are seeing but the process.

The future of our reality is in the hands of artificial intellectuals better known as tech or AI will govern everything we do as is in this era in time. But what we will not realize is that no matter the power or control of artificial intellectuals there is a masterful human behind it. The end of time is now at the click or tap of a screen.

Dedrick Conway

Dedrick C. is a serial entrepreneur, indie author, ghostwriter, and artist expressing his perspectives through evocative literary artistry. Top writer in Art!