ATMINTS: Free Will Of Choice PT1

Time will pass and so will everything within in existence.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readJun 6


ATMINTS Jesus Son Underwear “Message Tag”

“God wouldn’t give you free will of choice If he knew you couldn’t choose not to sin.”

Free Will

One question that is always challenging for me to answer is, “Do we have free will? The glory and Power of God is in every aspect of life. Even before life, God had already written the story of existence. Additionally, what is meant for us we cannot avoid. Even if we tried to avoid the course or fate of our lives we couldn't.

So do we have free will or does God give us the option of choosing a fate in every decision and action? That question will remain subjective within any circumstance or situation placed in front of us.

ATMINTS Narrative

That is why the narrative of ATMINTS is striking yet a bold complexity to a thought that roams my mind. Consequently, that quote on the tag of ATMINTS spoke to me on a spiritual altitude where the choice is not only mind but the actions behind them are as well. It is a reminder that most sins are committed by choice.

In terms of ATMINTS underwear and the tag is that the exchange of energy between men and women and not under vows and oath is biblically wrong and could be detrimental to our mental and spiritual being.

Therefore, committing acts of sin should primarily sexual intercourse and should be taken note of as well as the woman I chose in my sense.

Personal Statement

Though it is subjective to sex and sexual intercourse it enlightens me to be with a woman on the same altitude in all forms of being human. Though my perspective is not necessarily expressing the sinning of having sex before a marital relationship it is the sin of wasting my energy on someone low vibrational that could deter my entire existence.

My sponsorship with ATMINTS will not only help people understand we have free will but the will to make the right decision, at the right moment, time, and place.



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