Bridging the Gap: A Call to Eliminate Division between Religion and Ministry

Dedrick Conway
3 min readNov 29, 2023
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In this enlightening article, “A Gospel for Everyone,” Mark Dever brings attention to four significant challenges that the church faces today: provincialism, sectarianism, racism, and exclusivism. This essay aims to delve into these issues, specifically within the context of my local area, through a religious perspective. Furthermore, it will explore the role of the church in perpetuating these problems, the motivation required to overcome them, and provide examples from Scripture of individuals who successfully confronted these obstacles.

Identifying the Most Pervasive Problem

Among the four issues identified by Dever, sectarianism stands as the most pervasive problem in my local area. Sectarianism refers to the inclination of different Christian denominations or groups to prioritize their own beliefs and practices over unity with other believers. Unfortunately, in my community, I have witnessed the regrettable division among various churches, each promoting their specific doctrines and traditions, resulting in a fragmented Christian community.

The Role of the Church in Perpetuating Problems

Although the church is meant to be a unifying force, it has also played a role in perpetuating these problems. At times, the church becomes complacent in its traditions, failing to actively engage with other denominations or groups. This lack of dialogue and understanding fosters provincialism, where local congregations become isolated and focused solely on their own interests. Furthermore, the church may inadvertently perpetuate racism by not addressing racial disparities within its community and by not actively promoting inclusivity and diversity.

Motivation to Overcome These Dilemmas in Minstry

To overcome these issues, the church must possess a strong motivation rooted in the teachings of Christ. The motivation should arise from a deep understanding of the Gospel, highlighting love, unity, and reconciliation. Recognizing that division and exclusivity contradict the very essence of Christianity, the church must actively seek opportunities for…



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