Concepts of Humor: Modern Family

Cinematic analysis of humor.

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Modern Family is a famous American television sitcom on the air since 2009. The show revolves around the lives of three different families, all related to each other. One of the most notable aspects of Modern Family is its use of humor, which draws on various theoretical concepts to create a unique and engaging viewing experience.

The Types Of Humor Used In Modern Family

Modern Family also makes use of self-appreciation, humor, which is a type of humor that involves making fun of oneself in a positive way. This type of humor is often used to show humility and to build rapport with the audience. In Modern Family, this type of humor is evident throughout the show, especially in how the characters interact. For example, in one episode, Phil decides to take up magic as a hobby.

However, he could be better at it and often makes mistakes during his performances. Rather than becoming frustrated or upset, Phil uses self-appreciation humor to make light of the situation. He acknowledges his mistakes and makes fun of himself, which endears him to the audience and makes him likable. This type of humor is effective as it helps the audience connect with the characters more personally and see them as more relatable and human.

Another primary theoretical concept that Modern Family draws on is the idea of incongruity. Incongruity is the idea that humor arises when there is a mismatch between what is expected and what happens. This concept is evident throughout Modern Family, as the show frequently features unexpected situations that catch the characters off guard and lead to humorous outcomes.

Examples of Humor In Modern Family

For example, in one episode, one of the characters, Phil, decides to teach his daughter how to ride a bike. However, his attempts at teaching her could be more proficient, and he gets injured. This situation is incongruous because the viewer expects Phil to be a competent parent, but his actions are unexpected and lead to a humorous outcome. Another theoretical concept that Modern Family draws on is the idea of superiority theory. This theory suggests that humor…



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