I Chose to Slang Essays.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readDec 20, 2021

It don’t go down in the DM it go down in the emails.

Many writers on Medium always talk about monetizing their writing in many ways but the easiest way for me is to write essays. Being a scholar, prolific writer, and hustler I always make the most of any opportunity especially ones that will enhance my many crafts. Writing is one of the many few I have and everyone will need a writer or something written at some point in time.

So that thought itself led me to write essays for those who needed help, didn’t feel like doing it, or had little time to write one. I have a plethora of individuals in college, high school, and fields of writing. So, I reached out and told them all I’ll write whatever you need for a fee. Came up with reasonable prices, bookings, and methods to reach clients. Soon after a five-page paper would make me an easy one-hundred and forty dollars. When I started out most essays I wrote were five pages or less and each page is twenty-eight dollars a piece. Time went on and more more clients came, but the complexity of the essays and length came along with it. But that was the best part. It challenged me as writer to write in more than one genre, niche, and style of writing.

The creative aspect of essays is that there is an art to writing them. An art or method I created myself to create an essay into something you can visualize as you read. It’s never about what you are writing it’s how you write that makes all the difference. Aside, from the writing the research was compelling because I enjoy learning, I’m an avid reader, and just a knowledge seeker overall. Though I’m making great money off writing essays I’m also learning in all subjects regarding academia and applying them to my life and writing. The money is not the icing on the cake… the money is the quenches my thirst. Y’all ain’t gonna get that.

But it’s okay I’m booked all through the year as well so I can make between twenty-eight to an infinite amount of money. To give you an idea of how much I earn a week freelance writing I make enough money to make shit shake. (not talking bout strippers or women). What I mean is I make enough money to make more money with ease. The screenshot above is 400 dollar essay I wrote for a client it took me two and a half hours. Simple.

“All off this writing and dis typing!” ~ Dedrick Conway

Dedrick Conway

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