Is Your Writing Better Sober Or Inebriated?

Dedrick Conway
2 min readJun 18, 2021

As a creative many people ask me, “Do drugs enhance your artistry or is your artistry the same or worst?” And honestly drugs do enhance my artistry. For me when I say drugs I’m talking about cannabis (Delta-8 THC) and alcohol. Whether inebriated or not my art is still amazing but when I’m under the influence it gets even better. Let me explain.


For those who have not smoke cannabis or have tried cannabis products cannabis causes psychoactive effects to the mind and body. For me when I smoke cannabis my feelings are uplifted, I’m become more active mentally, and my senses are heightened. With that being said I’m more conscious and aware of everything in my mind and around me. When I’m writing in a high state I tend to have more fun with my words, word choice, topics, message, literary devices, and the process of writing itself.

Aside, from writing when I’m high ideas run freely through my mind effortlessly which makes my writing smooth, concise, and straightforward but creative. I also tend to write my best articles high but not too high. Cannabis also helps me focus more because cannabis it sharpens my overall well-being. As opposed to being sober I sometimes have to fight myself to write, think, or come up with something.


Alcohol is the human favorite. Alcohol as we all know “makes us feel good” which it does. But when I drink and begin to write my writing will depend on my level of drunkenness. I’m not an alcoholic but on occasion I do kick back and write will tipsy. When I want to talk about a harsh or very controversial topic I drink because I’ll be more serious as opposed to high I’ll be more playful and witty with whatever I’m writing as opposed to being on the magnitude of the topic.

Alcohol wakes me up the more conscious me emotionally. The more conscious I am about something the more I know and want to express myself and my perspective of the topic. Also, alcohol makes me more reflective on my worst struggles and I tend to be more truthfull with whatever I’m writing. Overall when intoxicated I write more about how I feel as opposed to how I feel about something when I high.

Which is Better?

No matter the state I write my writing is amazing but depending on what in writing about the drugs expand my artistry, creativity, and writing overall.

Dedrick Conway

Dedrick C. is a serial entrepreneur, indie author, ghostwriter, and artist expressing his perspectives through evocative literary artistry. Top writer in Art!