Message To My Haters: I Ain’t Did Shit To You

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Anybody hating on me has to be a pure hater. But also they could be fan and more than likely they are. Nevertheless, I’m going to do my thang regardless. I need some hate to go with love though it always balances everything out.

Enough with all the fluff and bullshitting I’m baffled for two reasons. First, ninety percent of the people I know do not read and secondly if you don’t read it should encourage you to read my books. Or that is what I would expect.

That obviously isn’t the case and unfortunately, they see me but aren’t will not support the progress and results. Most of them aren’t. They may never reach out, share, or congratulate me on my success or achievements but once that best-seller hit, “Oh I know him!” bet you do.

Dedrick Conway

Dedrick C. is a serial entrepreneur, indie author, ghostwriter, and artist expressing his perspectives through evocative literary artistry. Top writer in Art!