Our Creation.

Dedrick Conway
3 min readOct 12, 2021

The actual start of human history is truly unknown. The reason being is because Mother Earth has an extensive history herself. Our depiction of the what human is could be unusual compared to humanoid beings that could have inhabited the Earth long before we have. As in we, I’m referring to the modern human. With mother Earth existing for billions of years and much of the world being undiscovered or “hidden” how could we truly know what was here? Or what is still here? There are so many unknowns that remain in our world that are intertwined with our history to a point where our human timeline cannot be defined or absolute.

In addition, the creation of mother Earth remains controversial for two reasons one the scientific perspective, and biblical perspective, which contains different systems of belief and proof. From the biblical perspective, our world and universe were created by God. Whereas the scientific perspective, an explosion that is known as the Big Bang took place and created the universe. Those perspectives simplified in themselves, are completely different and one is from a standpoint of logic and the other from belief.

Many scholars have attempted to match or finding correlating aspects between the two theories but several factors cannot be matched to connect both the biblical and the scientific perspectives. In addition, depending on the perspective on which people believe will depict how they view the world. But before I go further Into that If there were beings before us, “What we’re their perspectives of existence?” If they were anything like the human species it might have not been as concise but it could have been similar. Men of Ancient times have always used the “heavens” as a way of understanding the universe and its creation. So the biblical perspectives can be accepted by many but not absolute. Whereas scientifically understanding our creation varies among scholars, regions, and individuals.

Pseudoscience is usually the term used for trying to correlate the biblical with the scientific perspectives of our creation but through the scientific method, it cannot be proven fact. In addition, there is no such thing as truth in our world because we all hold different perspectives of what is true or what we believe is true. This plays a pivotal factor in who we think or what our creator was or is. Those who are believers (of God) believe we are creating by God who made us and depicted our creation in the book of Genesis. They also follow the laws given by God as opposed to their own. On the other…

Dedrick Conway

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