Prophetic Art: A Higher Altitude

Photo by Tim Wildsmith on Unsplash

In the time when AI and technology are becoming human in terms of Art humans need to make the content of experience, personal perspectives, and art of the future. In my debut memoir, I foretold a story or a moment in time that came to pass. In a few of my best articles and blogs, I have as well and received awards for those pieces.

But, I’m not emphasizing being a great writer but the art itself was prophetically accurate and has come to pass.

AI and technology could never be prophetic or as prophetic as a human. With AI being the vehicle for most of our lives as writers it is time to show that AI and technology are not better or more viable than humans.

Dedrick Conway

Dedrick C. is a serial entrepreneur, indie author, ghostwriter, and artist expressing his perspectives through evocative literary artistry. Top writer in Art!