RoyalT Republik

Where the people rule.

Dedrick Conway
4 min readSep 28, 2022


RoyalT Republik is a newly established blacked-owned clothing and apparel brand owned and operated by Roy Thompson. Thompson who is a businessman and visionary believes that people rule their world. What does Thompson mean by this? Thompson believes that people should be themselves, understand where they come from, set their standards of life high, and achieve the royalty and legacy so desired. That same belief applies to RoyalT Republik by creating quality and luxury apparel made specifically for that individual with a variety of styles, colors, and logos to represent royalty and a eudemonic lifestyle.

Since RoyalT Republik’s launch, Thompson has created simplistic yet quality apparel such as hoodies, fleece shorts, fleece sweatpants, beanies, socks, and bucket hats. Each item brings a unique style, swagger, and expression for any desired look. Let’s have a broad overview of RoyalT Republik’s exclusive items.

  1. RoyalT Republik's Crop Embroidered RoyalT Hoodie
RoyalT Republik's Crop Embroidered RoyalT Hoodie

RoyalT Republik’s Crop Embroidered RoyalT Hoodie is a great statement piece primarily for women who want a naturalistic and comfortable look. In addition, the drawstrings and hoodie make this piece versatile because you can wear it anywhere, in any season, and still have style. These hoodies come in numerous colors and maybe even your favorite color.

2. Denim Embroidered RoyalT Republik Bucket Hat

Denim Embroidered RoyalT Republik Bucket Hat

RoyalT Republik Denim Embroidered Bucket Hat is a stylish bucket hat with a unique logo expressing royalty, and quality, and goes with a variety of looks. Not only is the hat stylish but is comfortable and comes in three types of denim colors to rock with any pair of denim jeans, denim jackets, for the heat, and if you just want to rock it for compliments.

3. Unisex Embroidered RoyalT Republik Hoodie

Unisex Embroidered RoyalT Republik Hoodie

Unisex embroidered RoyalT Republik Hoodie is simply a blanket once on your body. But what makes this…



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