Text Analysis “The Zoo Story” Reality Check.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

The Zoo Story by Edward Albee is about Peter and Jerry who meet on a park bench in New York city’s Central Park. Peter is a wealthy married man whereas Jerry is longing for human interaction.

Peter hears enough of Jerry’s story and wants him to leave. Jerry begins to push Peter off the bench and tell him to fight for his territory. In the end, Peter basically kills Jerry by accident. The meaning I will be conveying of the text is that without human interaction we won’t know how to handle this simplest interaction we have when we encounter others who do.

The author, on the other hand, was conveying that without human interaction life is futile and wasted. What I want the audience to take from this is that we learn through interaction and experience without we won’t learn anything or how to handle certain situations.

In reality, what I’m saying is this you need people. You need all people from different walks of life, ethnicities, backgrounds, status’s (social rank), people with many different interest and everything else. You need interaction. For all my animal people think of a animal at the zoo in a cage for our entertainment, once it’s let out it doesn’t even have the same instincts, sensations, or physical ability. It hasn’t had any interaction with its raw environment. Learn to interact, use your language properly, and move fluidly.

Dedrick Conway

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