The Art of Direct Sales: Types of Direct Selling Methods.

Depending on your business, products, and services you can find which type of direct selling method is best for you.

Dedrick Conway
3 min readSep 28, 2022


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In my previous direct sales articles, I gave a brief overview of what direct sales are, the five simple steps to direct selling, the benefits of direct selling, the differences between direct selling products versus services, the truth of a “sale,” rejection, and start-up fundraising through direct marketing that leads to sales. Typically, in direct sales, the products or services being sold are not available in retail stores, is a process to buy and receive online, and lastly, most products being sold directly to consumers are for start companies entering a new market. There are three types of direct selling methods which are single-level selling, host or event selling, and multi-level-marketing.

Single-level selling

Single-level sales are conducted by one person through one-on-one interaction in person, online, via phone, or email. Single-level marketing is also the easiest approach for any individual when selling a product or service they offer themself. Secondly, single-level marketing allows the salesperson to receive a hundred percent of the commission. Lastly is the starting point to building trust and credibility regarding a product or service to build a team of direct sellers.

Host or Event Selling

Host or event selling is conducted through an event, party, or special occasion primarily through group presentations, business meetings, retail stores, and even in prospective buyers' homes. Host or event selling is often conducted through warm leads through partnerships and programs that offer an exclusive item or service. Host selling is a great approach for individuals who are starting a business because host selling is often for a specific cause or offering.

Multi-level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a type of direct selling method that requires single-level sales, event, or host selling and contains a recruitment aspect. In multi-level marketing, direct sales reps sell products or services themselves but also train recruits to sell…



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