Why I Stopped Attending Church

The Church does not result in your relationship with God. But it can help build a community around your belief in God.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readJun 8


The Author’s signed bible note to God

First and foremost, I firmly believe in God and have given my life to God. Everlasting life is a state of mind, but it is also a result of fearing God. Not fearing God as in being afraid but never leaving the teachings and prophecies of God who made me in his image.

Now that my peace is stated, I will express my issue with the Church and the individuals who deliver the message in the Church. No one is perfect, but it is a difference between right and wrong. Furthermore, is a distinct difference between divine and demonic. Pastors are the living messengers of God and deliver the prophecies and messages of God by being examples of how we ought to live. But it seems pastors are the grimiest sinners on Earth.

In my personal experience, the Church I attended and the pastor bestowed to deliver the messages of God was not who he posed to be. I am not going to be exposed to the truth of his actions versus what he preached on Sunday, but I was baffled to find out the truth of the actions he committed. It honestly made me think spiritually because after the news broke he immediately in my mind became a false prophet. What he preached on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays was, in terms of being a preacher, a lie.

Aside from the truth of who he was, I would give the Church or his Church money for tides. I was nine years old, but I wasn’t stupid. He always said, “Anything helps it could be a couple of dollars it does not matter to God.” It’s funny. It honestly is because he didn’t care. Not God but the pastor. Anything he could get from the people he was influencing was all he cared about.

After the truth revealed itself and looking back on it now is that “I mean we live in a capitalist society, so it’s all about the dollar.” Ever since I hadn’t been back since not has my family. My message to everyone who reads this is, “Praising God one time out of the week does not make your relationship with God greater than anyone else. It is the actions you commit on the daily for God.” Read that twice. It might change your life. Amen



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