Why PR Professionals Are Important to CSR.

Dedrick Conway
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Public relations professional work to obtain free publicity for their foundation, company, and organizations whether it be profit or non-profit. The main job of a PR professional is to create a good image of their client so that people can donate or join their cause. But, in order for this to happen PR professional must handle their job from the research, action planning, information for the target audience, and communicating effectively with the organization and its audience.

The First reason why PR professionals are well suited for an organization’s CSR is that they create or craft a compelling story, making it clear to the organization, and its potential clients why their service, product, and history is important. In order for people to become emotionally invested or want to contribute to your cause, they must know how it will affect them, does it affect them, does it affect their family, or could it help someone in their community. It has to be something they are passionate about so to create that image you need a PR professional. Once they create the story for their client they find the strongest target audience and how to reach them depending on age. For example, the Kids In Need Foundation gives away school supplies, backpacks, school clothes, and underwear for the kids who are in need. The target audience a Pr professional wants to touch is those who are teachers, parents who have kids, and anyone associated with school service. Now once they have found the audience they must find ways to reach them. In this case, using all mediums would help reach everyone whether it be a newspaper, social media, television, radio, and even pamphlets given to the schools in that area or region. This not only brings a good image to your organization but also brings more workers, volunteers, environmental efforts, and help your organization ethically grow.

The second reason why PR professionals are important is that they are a driving force for their organization to get out to the media, and the public eye. From the research, budget planning, surveys, control groups, networking, and evaluations they play a huge role in CSR. And if your company has good corporate citizenship it will protect and promote its reputation. Also if an organization company or whatever the case has good products, service, and is helping the community at large it’s a win for everyone. Furthermore, Pr professional are the ones that go out and talk to the public to inform them on updates, progress, and the goals of that particular company so they are needed and well suited to be a part of an organization’s corporate social responsibility.

Dedrick Conway

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